The Ball & Chain - Jurgis Didziulis and Erica Jennings

Married with two kids and a dog. These are the circumstances that allow us to refer to one another amorously as "The Ball & Chain".

There is a certain lush ripeness that comes with age. Time seasons all people and all relationships. After a few years of married life, the butterflies in your stomach take flight and your heart no longer skips a beat at the sight of your lover. The narcotic symptoms of being in love fade, and you're left with a very different feeling. If you are lucky, you will find yourself happily anchored to an existence that you cannot easily stray from.

When we began writing songs together, we realized that our music also refused to stray. We call it "bedroom music".

We have many love songs, though more about love the way it is well after the chocolate coating has melted and neither one is as eager to impress or please. The lyrics are dry, sincere, and a tad cynical with a only a faint hint of the sweetness that has managed to endure the corrosive effect of extensive exposure. The music is accordingly intimate and draws on sounds sampled from common, everyday environments we inhabit to acoustically accent the feeling of ordinary intimacy. Music from the bedroom, for the bedroom.


"We're not a "family duet". We're - two independent artists, successful in our own right, inspired to create something together. With our debut, the whole creative process has been very organic. We go with our gut instinct. Now we want to share our creations.